The best natural antibiotics

The best natural antibiotics

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Antibiotics revolutionized the world of medicine, thousands of diseases that were previously considered incurable are now curable thanks to them.

An antibiotic is a chemical that kills or prevents the growth of microorganisms, which are usually bacteria, that make the body sick.

However, antibiotics are relatively new, their first uses were approximately in 1942, so we are just delving into everything that their use implies. Despite their benefits and the lives that many antibiotics have saved, they produce terrible allergies and the abuse in their use is causing us to become resistant to their effects, having to use stronger antibiotics that have adverse effects on our body.

It is for all this that finding natural antibiotics that do not cause allergies and whose action in the body is not aggressive or causes us discomfort, is perhaps the best option, there are many foods that by the combination of compounds that form them and their natural properties reinforce the immune system and even attack specific diseases. The surprising thing is that these are foods that are in our diet, but perhaps we should start thinking about using them a little more, especially when we are sick.

Some of the best natural antibiotics are:


It is one of the best and most powerful natural antibiotics, combined it has more than 60 antiviral and antibacterial components, which not only cure but also prevent all kinds of infections, the advantage of garlic is that it can be used externally as well, applied directly on wounds you will not have to worry about any infection, and ingested as if by magic you will be free of any discomfort.


The best thing about ginger is that it has a selective antibiotic power, this means that it is implacable with malignant microorganisms and encourages the growth of benign microorganisms such as those of the intestinal flora that allow to fight diseases much better and maintain good general health. It is particularly good for intestinal and throat infections.


It is after garlic one of the most important natural antibiotics, this by the combination of substances that make it up is excellent for any infection of the respiratory tract. It is also excellent for fighting all types of intestinal parasites.


Strawberry has a very important antiviral function as it naturally strengthens the immune system making it more effective in fighting all kinds of infections. Strawberry is a very good complement for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.


In addition to being an excellent condiment, rosemary has more than 20 antiviral properties. A rosemary tea in addition to being very rich is excellent to prevent germs, which can potentially harm your health, from spreading in the body causing more problems. An infusion 3 times a week will help you prevent many infections and diseases.


In addition to being a natural relaxant that will make us breathe easy after a stressful or unfriendly day, linden has mostly antiviral properties, so when your defenses are very low, a linden tea will not only relax you and help you sleep but which will be an active element to fight any infection.

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