New eclipse of the "blood moon" this October 8

New eclipse of the

The cosmic spectacle of the "blood moon" is back this October 8. Starting at 10:25 am GMT, much of the world, even in those cities with light pollution, will be able to see a total lunar eclipse also preceded by the Draconid meteor shower: double astral banquet.

In Mexico, the eclipse will occur at 4:25 am on October 8, an hour in which some shooting stars will still be perfectly reached (overshadowed by the masterful backdrop of the huge full moon). However, the peak of the Meteor Shower is early Tuesday morning.

This eclipse has been called the "blood moon", wrongly leading to believe that it is a unique phenomenon in which the Moon is stained red, when in fact this occurs in all lunar eclipses. During the eclipse we will be able to see the edge of the Earth with a reddish glow: we will be seeing all the sunrises of the planet in one (which for the ancients was the planetary devouring of a dragon). Astronomers have also observed a turquoise color that is the result of ozone.

The event is part of a tetrad of eclipses: a rare coincidence that consists of the occurrence of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, about one every six months, without an interval of a partial eclipse, a succession that has not occurred since the 1600 years. This eclipse of October 8 will be followed by those of April 8 and September 28, 2015 (and preceded by one in April this year).

The name "blood moon" and the supposed dire echoes come from the association of the tetrad with the Christian Apocalypse. A number of Christian preachers have linked the text of Joel 2:31 with the coincidence that these lunar eclipses are tied with important dates for the Judeo-Christian religion. In particular Pastor John Hagee, who has written a bestseller called Four Blood Moons in reference to this tetrad, with a whole series of associated prophecies. For those who for some reason cannot go out to observe the eclipse, we share the video of the previous eclipse of April.

The Lunar Eclipse with the blood red moon in full fast motion to observe all its splendor, you can clearly appreciate all the phases of the eclipse while listening to Beethoven's Moonlight, the most appropriate melody.

Video: Blood Moon: Total lunar eclipse seen in Japan on October 8, 2014 (July 2021).