Pineapple and artichoke DO NOT lose weight

Pineapple and artichoke DO NOT lose weight

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The proliferation of miracle diets in recent years has favored the popular belief that there are some 'fat burning' foods such as artichokes or pineapples that promote weight loss, something that nutritionist Raquel Bernacer denies since currently "there is no food that has been shown to burn fat when consumed. "

This expert, co-author of the book ‘To eat or not to eat’, recognizes that all foods require energy to be metabolized during the digestion process.

And in the case of certain foods such as those mentioned, the energy used is so small that "it does not ultimately have an effect on the total energy expenditure nor is it reflected in the weight."

The same happens with diets based on the consumption of lemon, orange or grapefruit, pineapple or artichoke, also erroneously associated with weight loss, or with the addition of pepper or vinegar to dishes, since it does not favor weight loss either . Bernacer acknowledges that if there really were foods that would burn fat, "much of the problem of overweight and obesity" would have been solved, and insists that the only thing that is really effective to lose weight is to follow a balanced diet and physical activity.

"It is essential that the diet is adapted to the individual needs of each person and that a physical activity plan is followed according to the objectives that are set," defends this expert, who has participated in the 'License to eat' campaign, a initiative promoted by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB). The objective of this initiative is to banish false beliefs from the hand of experts and nutritionists, and it also has its own space on Radio 5 Todo Noticias de RNE.


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