Give new life to your mobile. Do not throw it away

Give new life to your mobile. Do not throw it away

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By María Luisa Toribio

It is urgent to control the exploitation and illegal trade of coltan and there are campaigns that pursue that objective, but today I want to look at the other end of the chain. Mobile phones are renewed at breakneck speed ... and hardly recycled This increases the demand for coltan (and other minerals) and generates a large amount of toxic waste. In Spain there are more than 50 million active mobile phones and millions of unused ones. Less than 5% are recycled. Mobilize Through the Jungle: A Round Campaign The Jane Goodall Institute makes it easy for you to be part of the solution.

Free mobile shipping:

  • As easy as printing a pre-paid label.- If you gather more than 30 (at work, in your association, at the university, at your daughters and sons school) they will be collected for you. If they are in good use, they will be reused extending their useful life; and if they no longer work well, they are recycled. With the funds obtained, sustainable development, educational and conservation programs are being financed in the Congo Basin You can be a mobilizing agent: - Spreading the campaign in your environment (the Jane Goodall Institute provides you with posters, brochures and advice), and in social networks.
  • Organizing the collection of mobiles.

And if you work in teaching, with young people, in environmental education ... This is an ideal campaign!

It shows the link between our consumption and what happens in distant countries, with human rights and the environment… and it facilitates concrete action; all this with one of the most precious objects for minors and young people, their inseparable mobile phone. Contact the campaign!

Video: Why I Dont Use A Smart Phone. Ann Makosinski. TEDxTeen (June 2022).


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