Converts to organic farming after falling ill with pesticides

Converts to organic farming after falling ill with pesticides

By Anastasia Gubin

"I have been a farmer all my life," said Antonio Ruíz, from the company Agricultura Ecológica y Biodinámica Bardenas, in conversations with the Otra Biología Collective. His unique story tells of his conversion from conventional to organic farming, free of GMOs, insecticides and pesticides, and how he saved his life thanks to it. “I didn't believe that,” he explained, but “I went to the doctor for a lung problem and he told me that the entrances to my lungs were drying up, because I wouldn't stop smoking. When I told him I didn't smoke, he asked me what I was working on, "he said, according to the video posted on YouTube last December.

Everything cleared up, explained Antonio Ruíz -who from that moment made a radical change in his life-, “by bringing him the products he worked with, the pesticides (…), he told me that I had to change my profession otherwise I would have a very good life. short, "he said.

"So I had to make my conversion to organic farming that I had heard of," said the farmer. Teaching his experience, for years, he explained that "there are no secrets, the secret is that the Earth when you respect it, when you don't you attack the plates little by little it harmonizes and returns everything you give it ”.

The Spanish farmer stressed that "there are many people willing to teach many methods, and many things experienced for the control of pests with substances favorable to the environment", for those who start in the field.

Regarding the response of the Spanish public, he pointed out that “little by little we are feeling how consumers everywhere are growing in awareness, they are thinking that the way to create a sustainable environment is by consuming products that not only protect the environment, which are respectful with it, but give us energy, absent of pesticides, absent of chemical fertilizers and therefore, favoring so that the planet is a living being as it has to be and feeds us strong and healthy to all ", said the Mr. Ruíz, emphasizing again: "How it has to be!"

His decision was a total success, because now it is the universities who visit him to learn.

"Agronomists come here now every year (...) to see how it is possible for plants to develop with such vitality and harmony, without pest problems."

Antonio Ruíz and the vice president of the Joaquín Costa Cooperative, Juan José Mallén - dedicated to organic agriculture in Aragon - each explained how their production has grown successfully.

“We don't use chemicals, we don't use insecticides, we don't use herbicides. We generate a lot of manpower. Above all we are satisfied that all these products that we grow are beneficial to all consumers who enjoy them ", concluded the farmer.

Video: Pain without Gain - Organic farmers turn back to chemicals. Made in Germany (July 2021).