USA: 75% of air and rain samples contain Monsanto pesticides

USA: 75% of air and rain samples contain Monsanto pesticides

The chemical that makes up Roundup, known as glyphosate, as well as other "inert" chemicals were found in air and rain samples analyzed in the Mississippi River in 2007, the great river that runs through the US and is the one that receives the water. from drainage from hundreds of farms.

Numerous pesticides used at that time were evaluated through the water and air collected from 1995 to 2007 during the growing season of crops along the Mississippi Delta. If the fact that 75% of the samples showed Roundup is not alarming enough, there is more:

  • - Roundup was preponderant (in air and rain) as well as 37 other toxic compounds.
  • - Glyphosate was found in 86% of the air samples and in 77% of the rainfall.
  • - Seven compounds were detected in 1995 and five in 2007, present in more than half of the air and rain samples in both years.
  • - In other studies carried out that test the presence of glyphosate in human urine, blood and milk, it is assured that two million kilos of this substance were applied through the State (Louisiana) in 2007 or that 55% of the use of hebicide during that year is the culprit for the prevalence of this compound.

What is surprising is that these results were not made public until 2015. If the data are correct this would reveal that there has been an increase in concentrations (18) of glyphosate in air and rain samples in just twelve years, and surely more. Since the samples were taken, this means that our bodies have been exposed to attack by biotech toxins not just in food, but in the air we breathe and the water we drink for more than a decade.

The longer the exposure time to the toxins, the more illnesses, these toxins have a cumulative synergistic effect when they are associated with other toxins. If you want to sigh in relief, you will have to fight against biotechnology, they are not only poisoning food.
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