Scientists unite to renew the world's energy

Scientists unite to renew the world's energy

His intention, known to all, came to light under the name of Apollo, a program that after hundreds of tests led to a journey that went down in history. Only nine years later Neil Armstrong was already walking on the surface of the satellite.

A similar goal, in terms of time, is the one that a group of scientists, politicians and businessmen from all over the world want to achieve today. Gathered under the name of the Global Apollo Program, they want to find, also in record time, a formula to transform the way the planet is consuming energy. The strategy, launched a few days ago, aims to promote renewable energy research in a period of ten years, so that we stop using fossil fuels and thus avoid the high emission of greenhouse gases.

The group is led by senior academics, including, for example, Nicholas Stern, a British economist former head of the World Bank; Martin Rees, former rector of Trinity College, Cambridge and one of the most respected astrophysicists in the world, and David King, chemist and professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge and expert on climate change.

All of them have the task of raising 20,000 million euros that will be destined to finance renewable energy programs, storage systems and "smart" electrical networks. Furthermore, they want to create a true global engagement around the issue. To do this, they will seek to convince all countries to allocate 0.02% of their Gross Domestic Product for this purpose.

“Renewable energies are the best option from an environmental point of view. We just lack the economic argument to win all the battles, ”David King told The Guardian newspaper.

"NASA taught us how you can achieve a goal in record time if you have the will and resources," said Martin Rees. “The rivalry that drove the arrival on the Moon has to give way to an inner motivation on Earth. Nothing can be more inspiring for engineers than the challenge of providing clean energy to the world. "

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