How to make a grow table with pallets

How to make a grow table with pallets

By Toni Frito

By making a cultivation table we also save ourselves having to bend down and have our crops more accessible and comfortable to work with, we can even add new containers and expand our urban garden.

In the video we are going to see how we can make a growing table from some pallets, which we can recycle or easily get in an industrial area, if we could not, we could also buy the tables, but recycling and taking advantage of things is always more fun.

This cultivation table is very easy to build and some friends can always help us, at the same time it is very practical and almost free. The only materials purchased are the screws and the legs and if we do not have a raffia bag we will have to buy the cloth to protect the table, so there is no excuse not to launch into the adventure of growing your plants on this cultivation table!

By Toni Frito: Ecological horticulturist and always looking for the way to grow our plants in an ecological way, and above all also use all means to save money and reuse things that people use as garbage, seeking to be more self-sufficient and above all to get closer to mother nature.


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