Success of international renewable electronic car races

Success of international renewable electronic car races

Sponsored by the Fangio Foundation and the Automóvil Club Argentino, the IV Edition of the competition between ecological cars has been held, where the Macachín team -La Pampa- has raised the champion trophy in the 2015 ECO Challenge from among the 123 participating teams of all the Argentine geography.

The contest, endorsed by the International Automobile Federation, has been developing since 2012, and in consideration of its interest in comprehensive learning, in 2014 it received the decided support of the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Nation.

The aim of the championship is to promote awareness in caring for the environment, teamwork and the performance of professionalizing practices, through which students will have direct contact with technologies that will be decisive in the means of transportation of the future and in the automotive industrial development.
Regarding the American Educational Race for Zero Emission cars "Fangio International Trophy", it was EETP 292 of Santa Fe and the National Technical College of La Capital (Paraguay) who triumphed in the different rounds.

This competition is attended by 350 W cars driven by students from various countries in America, where each team is made up of a teacher and three students.
From the National Institute of Technological Education (INET) and the Automobile Club Argentino (ACA), each team receives an electric car kit that includes an electronic drive and batteries, which they have to assemble themselves.

On this occasion, delegations from Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, French Guyana, Paraguay and Uruguay have participated, selected by the Federations of each country.

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