How to make a homemade outdoor cob oven for $ 20

How to make a homemade outdoor cob oven for $ 20

To build this homemade oven from scratch, you will have a hard job, laying the stones, going through the filling with clay mortar, making the door arch and the dome, and finishing with clay or sand mortar for the bricks. . It could take days, but the good thing is that using recycled materials, we would only spend about $ 20 on the entire structure. You will no longer have problems baking a delicious pizza in your wood oven.

If you have the possibility, I assure you that it will be worth it. You have three possibilities, these two manuals: one in Spanish of Dandelion very well explained everything, one in English also very complete of The year of Mud where they assure us that for $ 20 you can have one, and this video where you can see live step by step its construction:

Cob construction

This construction method was already used in England during the 13th century. The method uses a mixture of soil, sand and clay mixed with straw to form a block. These blocks used to be shaped like bread, giving this technique the name "cob", in Old English "bread". It was the most common building material in England until it was replaced by fired bricks during the Middle Ages.


Video: Cob Oven Build from Start to Finish (June 2021).