Today we go to mars

Today we go to mars

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

With its immaculate dunes, its wonderful craters and its elegant valleys, it will be better to live 687 Earth days in the virginity of Mars, than to survive 365 days of heart attack in the aggressiveness of the Earth. In fact, it is better to live on Mars with the curiosity of robots, probes and artificial satellites, than to live on Earth with the opportunism of nuclear bombs, machine guns and bazookas.

We know that the US Space Agency, demonstrated the existence of liquid water on the slopes of Mars, which flows freely during the summer and part of the spring, taking advantage of the absence of men and women who can steal the spectrometer, sell the photographs in high resolution, and contaminate the salty vital liquid on the extraterrestrial surface.

According to the almighty NASA, water not only represents the source of life for earthlings, but also fuels the hope of colonizing the linear furrows of Mars, thanks to the multibillion-dollar technology that builds and destroys Humanity, to monetize the bloodied banknotes of an unprecedented sidereal journey, which represents the existential collapse of our only Mother Earth.

It was always said that the God of War was full of light and life millions of years ago, before the solar storms turned it into an icy and desert place. Although the dream of the martyrs could never prove it, we are already awakening from the scientific ignorance that planet Earth suffered. That ignorance does NOT respect the human rights of civilizations, and only thinks of polluting the mind, heart, and soul of their idolized God money.

Gods go and gods come, but they always proclaim themselves the owners of absolute truth. Unable to share the same lie, all the gods fight to the death to travel a second to the planet Mars, without measuring the moral consequences of the war imposed on the catastrophic planet Earth. That catastrophe was born from the poison acquired with religions, with the crusades, with racism, with envy, with corruption, with brain cancer and with environmental pollution.

The poison of ignorance is stronger than the potion of reason. In a world dominated by the irrational, it is impossible to deal with peace, with solidarity, with altruism and with empathy.

Broken promises rain down from heaven, burned in hellfire. Destiny does not exist there, neither luck nor misfortune. Only a handful of seven broken mirrors are perceived, who do not want to help the sickest of the sick.

Gods come and gods return, waiting for their slaves to continue living blind prisoners in slavery. Yesterday we dedicated ourselves to breaking the jaw of Mother Earth, and today we were able to break the smile of our beautiful mother. That smile was blurred with much more pride, arrogance and pettiness, to never acknowledge the mistakes made in the past, and to never ask forgiveness on his knees with the arrival of the future.

Between the ashes of the past and the roses of the future, lies a complicated present that is written in letters stained with blood, and is rewritten with all the words that fed the fear of Modern Society. This fear is the result of the egocentricity that gravitates beyond the borders of the Sun, and that has us desperate in a hand-to-hand battle for the conquest of the Universe.

Unable to understand the spiritual misery of her prodigal son, Mother Earth was bewitched with a spell of black magic, invoked by Human Beings under the Parisian darkness of the Moon. But it will be enough to shout ten litanies to the four winds of Phobos and Deimos, so that the spell of human stubbornness travels to the soil of Mars, and today it grants us the 10 blessed reasons that justify our great planetary exodus.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that more than 830 million people on planet Earth die of hunger and thirst due to extreme poverty, which is the result of the genocidal capitalist model that prevails in the damn 21st century.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that greenhouse gas emissions on planet Earth have the highest levels in the last 800 thousand years, because the Earth's atmosphere cannot breathe the toxicity of the infamous Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that every year more than 1,300 million tons of food are wasted on planet Earth, which are responsible for the malnourished children who are dying and suffer from the cold, ridicule, and indifference from the rest of the garbage worldly.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that every year more than 15 million hectares of native forest are deforested on planet Earth, due to the expansion of the agricultural frontier, by cutting down trees to obtain paper, by transgenic crops of soy and corn, by the monoculture of oil palm, by addiction to drug trafficking, and by a water footprint that litters rivers, lakes and seas with rotten meat.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that human trafficking is a business that generates more than 32 billion dollars on a planet Earth, where more than 21 million individuals are enslaved on a global scale, who are victims of the clandestine and lucrative market of labor, sexual and emotional exploitation.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that there are more than 780 million illiterate people on planet Earth, because education is a privatized right, which does not need a pencil to learn to read and write, but rather needs a calculator to learn to add and multiply commodified knowledge.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that more than 8 million tons of plastic are submerged in the oceans of planet Earth, because every year there is more consumption of products and services worldwide, which require a gigantic open-air dump, so that in 2025 there will be one kilo of plastic for every three of fish.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that there are more than 5000 species of animals in danger of extinction on planet Earth, because caging, eating, dissecting, mutilating, and killing the flora and fauna that cohabit in the ecosystems of the globe, is a millionaire way of life for hunters, fishermen, trainers, entrepreneurs and collectors, who need to display the great trophy of ecocide at the cost of damaging biodiversity.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that electronic waste exceeds 40 million tons per year on planet Earth, because the android does not tire of buying laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions, game consoles and other state-of-the-art devices, which were manufactured with the chip of programmed obsolescence, so that its customers live a very short and carcinogenic useful life.

Today we are going to Mars, to forget that there are more than 35 million people infected with HIV on planet Earth, because the human immunodeficiency virus not only kills lives in African countries, but also sickens supposedly developed nations, which They still think that sex education should be a taboo subject for communities, which, due to the lack of condoms, continue to spread the classic human stupidity.

It is very common for people on the streets to ask the following: Why are millions of dollars spent in financing space missions, while on Earth there is a tremendous social, economic, environmental, health and cultural crisis?

The answer is very simple. Scientific advancement is NOT seen as a possibility for multicultural learning. On the contrary, it is seen as a political strategy to dominate the masses. It is not advisable to freely share the sacred brightness of the stars. Everyone is amazed at an amazing astronomical progress, which in reality, does NOT result in a better quality of life for the dominated poor.

Gods return and gods die, seeking a heavenly answer that justifies so much demonstrated vileness. Now that the nightmare of the martyrs has been proven, there is no doubt that the Earth needs Mars to regain its self-esteem. A self-love trampled on by the savage capitalism of a savage Humanity. A confidence that distrusts even its own shadow. And a handful of seven broken mirrors, who finally did not want to help the sickest of the sick.

Trillions of merciless animals will travel to the red planet, to forget the scars of a green planet, which ended up condemned to yellowish failure, thanks to oil fields, unconventional natural gas, fierce radioactive fallout, and transgenic food crops , to the mountains of domestic and industrial waste, and to the commercial infrastructure that disturbs the stillness of the native people.

We live from failure to failure, and we still do not understand the holistic meaning of the pineal gland. Nothing is the product of Hollywood fiction, because in heaven there is an omnipresent God, who controls the hands of our biological clock.

If we do well, we will do well. If we do wrong, we will do much better. For this reason, we are all guilty of the sin that sprouts in silence, and we can only beg the legendary Mother Earth to give us back the natural riches of the fierce earthly garden.

If we wish to undertake a successful trip to Mars, we must first rescue the affection of Pachamama. She feels hurt, betrayed and forgotten by her Human Beings, who did not have the will to break the great spell of black magic, and thus help her regain her faith in Humanity.

The only way to counteract the planetary curse will be crying in the solitude of a Sunday afternoon, and swearing eternal love until the end of time. Mother Earth, today we are going to love you as if it were the last time, and if one day we go to Mars, it will be because we learned to value the treasure of life. - Ecological Fact

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