Buen Ayre: the first sustainable highway

Buen Ayre: the first sustainable highway

Three panels, with a special treatment so that they do not dazzle the thousands of motorists who use the highway to link the north with the west of Buenos Aires, were installed at the height of the Norte III sanitary landfill of the Metropolitan Ecological Coordination Society of the State (Ceamse) , the body in charge of the administration of the road.

The three structures constitute the first stage of this so-called renewable park, which provides sustainable energy to the distribution network; more precisely, it incorporates 500 kilowatts, of which 300 are enough to supply the LED lighting network along the 25 kilometers of Buen Ayre.

"It is a hybrid wind-photovoltaic project. The advantage it has is that it uses both technologies simultaneously; then, on a cloudy day, when it is not at full solar radiation power, the wind energy compensates for the generation. of the year they are offsetting and production becomes more even, "said Marcelo Rosso, manager of New Technologies and Environmental Control at Ceamse.

The state company, made up of the province of Buenos Aires and the Capital, financed the installation of the three panels in the José León Suárez area. The cost of assembly and maintenance amounts to 12 million pesos. "When the installation is completed, in the second stage of the renewable park, and more energy is generated, we can begin to offset the price," explained Rosso.

Diego Moreno, from the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (FVSA), believes that it is beneficial to generate this type of initiative. "On the subject of renewable energy, we tend to think about large infrastructure works and, in reality, the good thing they have is the possibility of applying them on a small scale. It is very positive to start thinking from this place and that they begin to replace the demand for electricity from the grid ", he considered.


Rodrigo Herrera Vegas, from Sustentator, a company dedicated to the installation of solar power generation equipment, agreed. "At the level of awareness, it is great because of the number of people who are going to see it. With what little there is in Argentina, it adds that this project is at a nerve center."

According to official data, some 72,800 vehicles circulate on this highway daily.

The renewable park also takes advantage of the energy transformer substation located on the Ceamse property, which already works for the generation of biogas and then electricity that is extracted from the already closed sanitary landfills in that area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs. The production of electricity in this complex is equivalent to the power used by some 25,000 households.

"We seek constant innovation, not only in the treatment of waste but also in everything related to the road; we carried out a total renovation of the layout, including the incorporation of LED lighting, a monitoring center and security cameras", added Raúl De Elizalde, president of the organization.

This hybrid SolarMill technology already works in Tandil. It is an autonomous equipment, smaller than that of the highway, which is used to illuminate the Christ the Redeemer monument at night in this picturesque Buenos Aires city.

"For cases like those in Tandil, it is an optimal technology, because the electrical network probably did not reach there at that time. We have been making installations in places where the network power does not reach and generating sets were used. As a fight against change climate, and at an economic level when you compete with the generator set, you get a payback of five years. It gives the opportunity to people who could not have clean energy otherwise, "said Herrera Vegas.

The debate on the inclusion of renewable energies in everyday use reappears. Especially after a new law was enacted that establishes that Argentina diversify its energy matrix and, by 2017, 8% originate from renewables. Today, it barely touches one percent.


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