Save the orangutans, stop the oil palm

Save the orangutans, stop the oil palm

Cut forests, orphaned proboscis monkeys and nearly starving orangutans - the Indonesian company Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) leaves Borneo behind a stamp of desolation.

In the province of West Kalimantan, they cut down a valuable forest habitat in contravention of the standards of the “RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable”.

For this reason, in April 2013, the Friends of Borneo and International Animal Rescue Indonesia organizations filed an official complaint with the RSPO in April 2013. On the same topic we published a petition to publicize the problem and gather support.

In mid-November 2015 we received a letter from BGA requesting the removal of the petition from the website. The problem of the destruction of the forest that we described there was solved, the standards of the RSPO would be fulfilled and from then on, BGA would have the “intention” to do things right.

But the news coming from Borneo does not match. The worst thing is that BGA continues to contravene the RSPO criteria, despite the promise of “from now on to do things right: on September 26, 2015, a local indigenous group together with the AR Borneo group have filed a new complaint with RSPO for BGA's behavior on their land, contrary to the law.

We continue to support the local population in their efforts to stop the advance of palm and continue to collect signatures in support of the letter addressed to responsible politicians and companies involved.

Hard to believe, but the palm company has been a member of the RSPO certification seal for sustainable palm oil since 2007. Among the clients of the palm oil producer BGA are the companies IOI, Wilmar and Sinar Mas, which in turn supply palm oil to European food and biofuel companies (“bio” fuels). Analysis of individual cases shows that the RSPO sustainability criteria are not effective and rather constitute a green make-up. Despite all the criticism that this seal receives, the European Union recognizes RSPO as a certification system for the sustainability of agrofuels.

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