How to grow an organic avocado tree in your home garden

How to grow an organic avocado tree in your home garden

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This fleshy fruit -also called avocado- can be used in cooking in salty, sweet and smoothie recipes.

If you're ever in a rush and don't have much time to cook, you can chop up a ripe avocado, season it with salt, pepper, and olive oil for a delicious, nutritious, frugal dinner. In the same way, you can mash an avocado and spread it on a bread to make a good snack.

These fruits have almost all vitamins, are rich in potassium and also contain calcium, zinc and magnesium.

These fruits have almost all vitamins, are rich in potassium and also contain calcium, zinc and magnesium. In addition, its oil is used to improve dry hair and rejuvenate the skin through the application of masks.

Here is a “step-by-step” on how you can germinate an avocado at home from a pit. All we need is a whole ripe avocado, 4 toothpicks, and a shallow plastic cup or glass. Subsequently, you must pass the germination to a pot or to the ground directly, according to your possibilities.

Since avocado is a tree that cannot be self-pollinated, it is recommended that you plant at least two trees at the same time.

The "step by step" to grow an avocado plant

  • Choose an organic avocado. Ask someone you know who has a tree in their house. Do not use an avocado bought in a greengrocer since you do not know its origin and many of them are genetically altered and only produce a beautiful tree but do not bear fruit. Then cut it and clean the stone well, removing all the remains that may remain.
  • Keeping the stone with its narrow tip? Facing up, drive 4 toothpicks at mid-height at equal intervals, to a depth of 5 mm, forming an X.
  • Add water to the edge of a small container or glass and rest the pit with toothpicks on the edge so that it stays inside the glass. The water should cover almost the entire pit. Then we place it in a place where it receives sunlight.
  • Change the water periodically (every 1 or 2 days) to ensure that contaminants (such as mold, bacteria, fermentation, etc.) do not spoil the avocado's growth process. Make sure that the base of the stone always remains moist and submerged in water.
  • After a few weeks, little roots will start to sprout. When these are about 10 cm long, remove the toothpicks and transfer the pit to a pot with a substrate rich in organic matter, aerated, and that has good drainage to avoid rotting of the roots. Soils with acidic pH should be avoided.
  • Water your plant daily or just enough to keep the soil moist. Don't over water to prevent the soil from turning to mud. If the leaves turn brown at the tips, the tree needs more water. If they turn yellow, the tree is getting a lot of watering and needs to dry out for a day or two.
  • In about 5 years you can start harvesting your own organic avocados. It is a job that takes time and requires perseverance, but it is a very fruitful task, in every way. You can also ask the children of the family to collaborate with the care of the tree, to generate environmental awareness and appreciation for nature.

Avocado-based natural beauty treatments

In addition to the traditional uses of avocados in the kitchen: the famous guacamole, avocado mayonnaise and other exquisite recipes; You can also use it to beautify your skin. Here are some secrets:

Skin care: Step on the filling of an overripe avocado and spread it on the skin of the face, neck and chest, and also on the hands. You can use it alone or with a few drops of olive oil. Let it act for a few minutes, and remove it with warm water. You will notice a fresh, rejuvenated and splendid skin, without wasting that avocado that you forgot in the vegetable drawer.

Homemade beauty cream: Boil a carrot and then mash it together with the filling of a less ripe avocado, base cream, an egg and a few tablespoons of honey. You can use this handmade cream as a mask for your face and neck, rejuvenating and hydrating in minutes.

Whenever you grow organic you will notice the differences. Everything takes time: from a simple stone to becoming a tree that bears fruit, it is a whole process. However, these are the products of the “future”. Perhaps in 5 years, when you pick your first avocado you will remember this moment and this turning point where people said "enough with GMOs!" and we progressively returned to nature.

In 5 years when you pick the first organic avocado from your tree, maybe all your neighbors and acquaintances are growing organic too and the world is a better place to live.


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