The man who cleaned a 100-mile river with his bare hands

The man who cleaned a 100-mile river with his bare hands

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What can we do when we detect a problem in our environment? There are two basic ways to act: we can communicate it to the rulers so that they take action on the matter, or we can get moving and do something about it. Today we want to tell you the story of a man who chose the second path when it seemed the most difficult. His name is Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, although his selfless service to the environment in India has made him known as 'Eco-Baba'.

As The Logical Indian blog recounts, Seechewal was heartbroken by the state in which he saw the Kali Bein, a 160-kilometer river that passes through the state of Punjab and empties into the Beas. Pollution and the systematic lack of care for decades had turned into an uncontrolled landfill what should be a valuable natural resource for the inhabitants of the place. His patience ran out in 2000 and he decided to take action: if the authorities didn't save the Kali Bein, he would do it himself.

Seechewal worked to assemble a large team of volunteers and come to the rescue of the river. He put on his overalls himself without a moment's hesitation to lead the restoration work. It took a continuous effort for several years, but little by little the results were obvious: the Kali Bein returned to shine and have life, the natural flow of water was recovered, trees were planted along both banks and even Ecological paths were installed so that the population could enjoy the area.

One of the highlights of the reclamation efforts is the low-cost underground sewer system. Thanks to him, the wastewater that previously went to the river is now stored in ponds, where it is treated so that it can be used in agriculture. An almost miraculous solution to the problem of irrigation, which used to destroy numerous crops, plunging hundreds of families into misery.

The activist ‘Eco-Baba’ thus completed his greatest feat in defense of nature. “Some people had illegally taken over the river and it was very difficult to free it from their clutches, but with the grace of God we have succeeded. The work we have done is for the welfare of humanity and no work can be more sacred than this. Our effort at Kali Bein has sent a message to the whole world, ”explains Sant Seechewal, an environmental hero who wishes to be an inspiration to the planet.

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