Do you want to see something really beautiful? The dream of the tree house

Do you want to see something really beautiful? The dream of the tree house

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Tree House is a cylindrical glass space, with four floors with a tree in the center and a white spiral staircase that provides an ascent to the top of it after a tour that surrounds the trunk of the tree and connects with the environment. forest. Glass windowsills with wooden handrails will surround the atrium on each level so as not to block observation points.

”We wanted to combine the capabilities of modern industrial design with the richness and beauty of nature. The main objective of this project is to offer an alternative to the bustle of the city without damaging the environment. This is an opportunity to escape the suffocating concrete boxes and feel one with nature. " - said Aibek Almassov.

"Climbing the stairs of this unusual house can be compared to the stages of spiritual purification, while the light harmonizes with the surroundings." - added Aibek Almassov.

In 2013 an investor was interested in financing the project, but the studio had not yet fully developed the project. Now that it's ready, a glass panel and solar cell manufacturer is keen that construction could be imminent.

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