Pink snow is not good and shows that climate change is a reality

Pink snow is not good and shows that climate change is a reality

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By Catherine Vignolo

What may seem beautiful and innovative to you is but a sign of how climate change is happening in front of us and it is time to do something to prevent it from continuing.

The phenomenon is found in areas such as the Arctic, where different groups of scientists have studied snow and now a group of them have published a study in the journal Nature Communications that indicates that it is released thanks to the presence of a micro algae what is later visualized as pink.

Chlamydomonas nivalis

The phenomenon occurs thanks to the micro algae Chlamydomonas nivalis, which lives inside the snow and is capable of living with extremely low temperatures. As The Huffington Post pointed out, once spring arrives and UV radiation begins to become more important, this algae feels attacked and releases spores containing pink pigments, which will eventually stain the snow.

But what would this have to do with climate change? According to the study, it is related since the flowering of these algae is causing the ice to melt faster and the algae to continue to grow and melt the ice.

Likewise, the study pointed out that after 10 days of research and comparison of pink snow versus white snow, the percentage of ability to reflect light versus absorb it was 13% higher in pink, so much more is being consumed. fast than white snow.

The melting of the poles is important and researchers continue to discover what could be done so that the pink snow does not melt the ice so easily and that those areas are not further affected by the advance of impending climate change.

Photo: It is an algae that feels attacked and releases spores that contain pink pigments, which will eventually stain the snow. (Getty Images / Creative)

I see green

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