They prove that sleeping with animals improves sleep quality

They prove that sleeping with animals improves sleep quality

A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic Sleep Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. In this sense, it was determined that sleeping with dogs or cats improves the quality of people's sleep and is recommended. The research took into account 150 people, of which 74 had animals, mostly dogs and cats. According to the research findings, "animal owners, who sleep with someone else, rest better than other people."

“41% revealed that not only was it not harmful for them to sleep with their dog or cat, but it also helped them sleep, as they give a sense of security, company and tranquility,” indicates the study by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Center.

Likewise, the researchers recommend in their study that “those health professionals who work with patients suffering from sleep disorders seriously consider asking questions about the presence of animals in the bedrooms to help them fall asleep and sleep better. pleasant, ”according to Mayo Clinic Proceedings magazine.

Now comes the difficult part: make the dog or cat not lie on your face.

Note edited by Ramiro Moretta.

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