Sicily recovers its ancestral Agriculture and defeats the Multinationals

Sicily recovers its ancestral Agriculture and defeats the Multinationals

The island of Sicily is making people talk about growing grains with traditional methods.

Farmers are re-cultivating "old grains" as they call them. It is about recovering the ancestral wisdom that knew how to feed the island and all of Italy since ancient times.

Giuseppe Li Rosi is the President of Simenza, an organization that brings together 70 producers and another 100 are expected to join in the short term. The Sicilian farmer explains that they do not need to use chemicals and that they give the different species the necessary time to develop their full potential. Crop rotation and association are the keys to increasing production in just 4 years to the point of exceeding the performance of the monoculture system of transgenic seeds fumigated with chemicals that are harmful to health. Giuseppe proudly tells that he is the protector of 3 varieties of wheat that the market had forgotten.

This initiative is recovering the biodiversity of Sicily and they feel a new renaissance of agriculture as part of the need to provide healthy and nutritious food. The economic reactivation of the area is another reason for enthusiasm because more and more people are turning towards nature.

From the multinationals they pressure them to use their methods, as if the thousands of years of agricultural culture in Italy were not enough to know everything that the land can offer when it is known to work.

Agricultural laws favor international consortia and in many cases even the exchange of seeds between producers is prohibited. That is something they are fighting against and everything indicates that they are going to win.

Antonio Milici, neurologist and psychiatrist, refers to the importance of recovering ancient grains to combat the various pathologies of our time associated with the daily consumption of foods saturated with chemicals and of low nutritional value.

Without a doubt, Sicilian farmers are giving a strong example that we only need to recover ancestral agriculture, without chemicals, without genetically modifying the seeds, allowing the crops to adapt to the soil and climatic conditions of the area, knowing how to associate and rotate them to get the best performance.

They show that unity is strength.

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