How to make seedlings out of cardboard rolls

How to make seedlings out of cardboard rolls

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The technique, to reduce and favor the elimination of waste, is also very effective, since the cardboard breaks down over time.

Material to make seedlings with rolls of toilet paper.

Rolls of toilet paper

Method for making seedlings with rolls.

The rolls of paper are cut as and as we see in the image, with the idea of ​​making paper fragments approximately 2 cm high at one end of the roll. Then we fold the pieces of paper inward. Thus, we will have a small pot.

After that, we put the soil, seeds and sprinkle it with water every day. You can also write the name of the plant to know when you have to sow it. You can experiment at home and try to replant seeds of fruits and vegetables that you eat. There are vegetables and herbs that you only have to buy once, some are very easy to regrow.

In a few days the seeds will begin to germinate, then you can put this seedbed roll in a larger pot or directly in the garden. It is not necessary to remove the paper to do it in the plantation, you can put it directly on the ground.

According to the artisan, who also maintains a blog about veganism, the technique is very effective, proof of this is the pumpkin that he grows at home using the same method.


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