Solar plug for windows that generates electricity

Solar plug for windows that generates electricity

This week it is presented at Dubai Design Week, a festival that brings together designers from more than 26 countries showing some 135 projects in different categories.

Designed to take it with us anywhere and place it in any window exposed to the sun, taking advantage of solar energy to charge our gadgets.

His idea is that we stick the plug in any window using its suction cups so that it receives direct sunlight. The solar panels will charge the internal battery.

Apparently it is made of plastic, with a plug on one side and a solar panel aided by a suction cup to connect to the windows on the other. It converts solar energy into electrical energy so that we can use it in our daily lives.

It takes 5-8 hours on a full charge. It works with 1,000 mAh, which can allow you to keep a 60 watt light bulb on for 20 hours. In future updates they will increase their capacity.

It's a cool concept, but the question is: Where and when can you buy it? Apparently, its designers have had the patent since 2010 but have problems to bring it to mass production, technical problems that do not allow the project to start, although according to Kyuho Song, they hope to solve it shortly.

The Epoch Times

Video: Windows that Generate Energy from the Sun. The Henry Fords Innovation Nation (July 2021).