A good idea to have your home greenhouse

A good idea to have your home greenhouse

With the help (actually the assistant was me) from Carlos de I bring you the garden, in the previous article we started the construction of the greenhouse with corrugated rods, slats and a work mesh, we were able to make a totally resistant structure for the inclemencies of the time and for the greenhouse to last us many years.

Plastic is the most important part of the greenhouse and in this case much more because it is also the one that gives us total stability and makes it much more compact. Choosing well the plastic for the greenhouse is important, we must choose a plastic that lasts as long as possible and that does not break for any reason, Carlos always recommended a 800galgas plastic for the greenhouse, in any plant store you can ask for it. they usually have it.

Apart from the plastic, another important thing is that the greenhouses have good ventilation so that it is not a fungus nest and to be able to ventilate it from time to time, so a window is important for this and although we did not do it, it is also interesting to put a mosquito net to prevent many pests from entering our greenhouse. For everything else and see how to put the plastic step by step we leave you with the video !!! Encourage you to make a greenhouse !!!

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