This hospital uses solar energy

This hospital uses solar energy

The Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco, inaugurated a photovoltaic solar energy system in the "Monseñor Fernando Ariztía Ruiz" Provincial Hospital of Huasco, which will reduce costs and avoid emissions of 27 tons of CO2 per year, thanks to the Solar Roof Program Public of the Ministry of Energy in Vallenar.

192 photovoltaic panels were installed that are located on the roof of the Hospitalization wing of the HPH and that are inserted within the citizen electricity generation plan that the Government has, through the Energy Agenda, seeking to contribute to the maturation of the photovoltaic market for self-consumption.

The Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco, said during the inauguration that "the Solar Roof Program represents an effort by the Government to adopt increasingly clean and efficient energy in buildings that are representative for the citizenry and that provide a service to Chileans. Today we are promoting Chile to have cleaner and cheaper energy. " The Hospital generates 4% of its energy through photovoltaic panels.

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