The man who whispered to hummingbirds

The man who whispered to hummingbirds

Joao Silvestrini, a retiree who lives on the outskirts of Barretos, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, has managed to gain the trust of a family of hummingbirds who visit him several times a day and calmly enter through his kitchen window to feeding in a nectar feeder with plastic flowers. Silvestrini shows in a video broadcast on his Facebook page the cordial and trusting relationship with one of these little birds, which seems to listen to his words before taking advantage of the food.

Silvestrini explains that the small bird that appears in the video is the son of a first hummingbird that got used to feeding in his kitchen. These are some of the phrases from Silvestrini's conversation:

"Hello! Come! Let's film here, come here, here! Let's talk close here, we are watching you? Come, let's talk a little, get here. Do you want to drink a little? You want to see the machine again, do you? Okay? So, look there, at the camera, yeah. They're filming you, we're coming back. Follow my finger, look over there! The scoundrel is here all day calling me. Not half an hour has passed and he's here again. This is the son, his mother brought him to me, who dropped him by the window, and he has got used to the house and comes to call me every day. "

Video: Hummingbird Man (June 2021).