Take it easy, take linden

Take it easy, take linden

The tree is deciduous, and usually has dense foliage of large cordate (heart-shaped) leaves, petiolated and hairy, intensely green on both sides. In the axils of the leaves, inflorescences grouped in small cymes with a long peduncle grow between June and July. Its fruit is a hairy and globular achene.

Linden Properties

Linden flowers have the following properties:

  • antitussive.
  • diaphoretic.
  • antispasmodic.
  • emollient.
  • nerve tonic.
  • sedative.
  • hypotensive.

Linden benefits

Thelinden or linden tea is a very hot water infusion that is made with linden flowers. It has mainly antispasmodic, sleeping and relaxing properties.

Linden tea is effective for relaxing and fighting insomnia. It can also be added to bath water for a relaxing bath before bed. Another use of linden tea is to lower fever.

What is the linden for

Linden flowers are mainly used in infusion:

  • as an antitussive, due to its mucilage content.
  • as diaphoretic, to promote sweating in catarrhal or flu states.
  • as an antispasmodic.
  • as an emollient.
  • In some areas of Europe, linden flower infusion has been used to treat insomnia and headaches.
  • as a nervous tonic (anxiety, insomnia, nervousness).
  • as a sedative.
  • in indigestion.
  • as a hypotensive.
  • in the treatment of hysteria.

Advantages of Linden

Apart from the medicinal properties it offers us, it is a tree that also has advantages from the point of view of urban trees, since it is an excellent tree to provide shade; It has dark green leaves and creamy-white flowers with a pleasant aroma. It is a fast growing tree and resists air pollution. It generally thrives in mountainous areas with cool temperatures, so it is not suitable for hot areas.

Linden Side Effects

They have not registered.

Contraindications of linden

It should not be used in anticoagulant treatments, due to the possible enhancement of its effect.

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