They create solar panels that can work in rain or fog

They create solar panels that can work in rain or fog

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Our planet is approaching a critical point in terms of the consumption of natural resources. The irresponsible behavior of human beings has pushed the Earth to the limit and we must find solutions to get closer to the balance in which we once were.

An alternative is through clean energy and the Chinese have taken an important step in this matter. Two universities in that country have managed to develop solar panels capable of generating energy on days of low sunshine, even in rain, fog or at night.

This innovation was possible thanks to a new material called LPP that allows the storage of solar energy during the day so that it is collected at night, according to what the Efe Agency reports.

"The goal is to raise the conversion efficiency of direct light until there is more, generating enough power in low light conditions such as rain, fog, mist or at night," says Professor Tang Qunwei, one of the responsible for the project.

This announcement has sparked enthusiasm in China where it has been billed as a true "photovoltaic revolution." It should be remembered that this country has more installed solar plants with a capacity for 77 gigawatts.

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