190 giant tortoises released in the Galapagos Islands

190 giant tortoises released in the Galapagos Islands

Before releasing them, they went through a veterinary check to ensure that they were in perfect health. The 190 giant tortoises, of the species Chelonoidis hoodensis, are around four to five years old. Their transfer to their habitat was in metal boxes through a boat and a two-hour walk. Each member carried approximately seven to eight turtles.

When they reached Santa Fe Island, they were released. The scientists reported that the turtles quickly became attached to the ecosystem and made themselves at home. This species will contribute to the restoration of the island, the repopulation of the species and to be able to see this place as it was more than 150 years ago. 26 people participated to carry out this initiative. There were some volunteers.

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Video: Aldabra giant tortoise (July 2021).