"Abuela de la Selva" can prepare more than 500 medicinal recipes from memory

His story has gained relevance after the Kerala Forest Department considered it important to collect his wisdom in a book and his story went viral on the net. Lakshmikutty belongs to a tradition of great medicinal women who are also the voice of the earth, something similar to what María Sabina was in Mexico.

Hundreds of people visit his hut, not only to receive treatment for poison and bites but to hear his wise and gentle words that recount a whole way of existence linked to nature. His knowledge comes from his mother, a midwife, and from an oral tradition that so far has not been fixed in writing.

The curandera, who is nicknamed Vanamuthassi, something like "grandmother of the jungle" has the idea of ​​turning her home into a small hospital and study center. Lakshmikutty currently teaches natural medicine at various nearby institutes.

Both in this case and in many others that can be found in Latin American countries, it is important to preserve traditional knowledge, which today is fiercely threatened by industrialization and globalization. Maintaining these types of traditions is truly invaluable.


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