The house that runs on the same energy as a 40 W light bulb

The house that runs on the same energy as a 40 W light bulb

The Usher family has lived in the house for two years and the bill for heating, electricity, hot water and the kitchen was "only $ 22 a year."

A normal-looking house, four rooms, built with masonry and concrete. But it keeps a great secret invisible to the eye, its energy efficiency is such that for its operation it only needs what a 40-watt bulb consumes.

There are only about 37,000 homes in the world built according to the principles of this movement. The homes are oriented in such a way that the windows and solar panels placed on the roof receive an optimal amount of sunlight. It has high ceilings and large spaces designed to let in as much natural light as possible. Only LED lamps are used for artificial lighting.

In two years living in it, the Usher family has consumed 3,453 kWh of electricity per year, almost completely covered by the energy generated by the solar panels on the roof.

Insulation is also a fundamental point of this building standard, so the windows are made of three panes of glass. The heating works through a heat pump that captures the hot air from outside, it works like a domestic refrigerator, but in reverse. It also provides hot water.

The house was built on a budget of $ 360,000, winning energy efficiency awards in England. The myth that green homes are "expensive and rare" is false.


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