Natural fertilizer improves yerba production

Natural fertilizer improves yerba production

The results surprised the scientific community when they found that irrigated yerba mate seedlings were 30% taller and produced 50% larger leaves than those that were not.

The good news is that this discovery could lead to an increase in production yield as well as being used in tealea and forestry production.

This project was started in 2010 under the direction of Master Mónica Otegui and is called "Selection of a consortium of native microorganisms with antifungal and fertilizer capacity applicable to the improvement of yerba mate cultivation".

Dr. Laczeski explained that the bacteria selected after seven years of work are typical of yerba mate, which makes them harmless and non-polluting, in addition to being adapted to the temperature and acidity conditions of the soil in which yerba mate grows.

The next objective of the team is to create a biofertilizer that can be sold in nurseries or even that can recover degraded herbs from the province.

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