The government lowered tariffs to import electric cars

The government lowered tariffs to import electric cars

President Mauricio Macri decreed the reduction and even the complete elimination of import tariffs for cars powered by alternative energy.

Decree 331/2017 published in the Official Gazette, bears the signature of Macri; the Chief of Cabinet, Marcos Peña, and the Ministers of Production, Francisco Cabrera, and of Finance, Nicolás Dujovne.

The norm establishes aliquots ranging from 5% to 0% for the entry of electric and hybrid vehicles, when the Extra-zone Import Right (DIE) reached 35% until yesterday and establishes that the established tariff will be valid for 36 months.

The ruling also sets the maximum limit of units that may be imported under this measure at 6,000 and specifies that the vehicles covered by the standard "are those that use an alternative motorization technology to conventional internal combustion engines, understood as such as those propelled by an electric one and alternatively, or jointly, by an internal combustion one (hybrids) ”.

It includes those powered by "an electric motor exclusively (electric vehicles) or one with a fuel cell (hydrogen)".

On the other hand, the new provision specifies that "vehicles that" have an empty weight less than or equal to 400 kilograms (kg), for those destined to transport people, not including the weight of batteries for electric ones ”.

The measure also does not include the reduction or elimination of tariffs on vehicles that have "an unladen weight less than or equal to 550kg for vehicles destined to transport goods, not including the weight of batteries for electric ones", nor does it reach those with "a maximum power less than or equal to 15 kilowatts", and "a range less than or equal to 80 kilometers". This decree can only be used by automotive terminals based in Argentina.

In Argentina there is already an electric car of national manufacture since the Sero Electric began to be manufactured in La Matanza, the first Argentine electric car, which will have to compete with the large automotive companies.

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