10 innovative ecological packaging

10 innovative ecological packaging

Edible cup

Developed by the company The Robin Collective, for the fast food chain KFC, the Scoff-ee Cup is a cookie in the shape of a cup, wrapped in sugar paper and with a layer of white chocolate. Due to its texture it is able to conserve the heat of a coffee and finallyit can be eaten.

Potato cover

This is a packaging100% biodegradable and isothermal made with potato starch, which has been presented by the com

Veuve Clicquot beverage company and is the second version of the “Naturally Clicquot”.


The Clever Little Bag is a revolutionary wrap made by Puma and Swiss designer Yves Béhar. Consisting of a single removable cardboard frame and areusable bag, save 65% on cardboard, but also avoid using a shopping bag.


To highlight the benefit of the new Nike Air Max shoes, they are packed in an air cushion. The package offers better presentation and high advertising effectiveness. Due to the less use of materials, it is also an innovative style andecological of packaging.

Bag + hanger

The H + bag is a functional clothes hanger made of recycled paper, which can be reused several times and is considered aecological innovation, since it saves several kilos of waste.

Paper bottles

Brandimage agency developed an original bottle, the "360 Paper Bottle", made up of 100%recycled and recyclable materials, which include a light layer of recycled plastic inside, to create the perfect seal.

Green Packaging

This is a 100% ecological packaging created by Green Depot that is made withrecyclable and recycled materials. The mission of the company is to manufacture products that are respectful of the environment and accessible.

Eco-friendly packaging

With the help of TDA Advertising and Design, the Newton company designed a new way to package their footwear, in a molded cardboard made of100% recycled material, which allows you to minimize weight and maximize recycling.

Eco-salad packaging

La Mâche Nantaise has created aecological packaging for a very healthy product: the salad, which is made from a single sheet of recycled and recyclable plastic, folded and closed with a label. A waxed cardboard base (to resist humidity) maintains the structure and allows you to eat the salad inside the container.

Butter and knife

Designer Yeongkeun Jeong has envisioned a 2-in-1 item containing a single dose of butter accompanied by a small kniferecycled and biodegradable wood. A practical and ecological concept.


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