Workers in Brazil found an ingenious way to help street dogs

Workers in Brazil found an ingenious way to help street dogs

Several cities on our continent suffer from the rains and low temperatures. People seek shelter and we wrap ourselves as best we can to face the typical cold of this time of year.

We are not the only ones who suffer; also the animals and those who survive on the street do not have so much fun. So we can all do something to help them. This is the case of a group of employees from a bus terminal in Barreirinja, Curitiba, Brazil, who ingeniously helped the stray dogs that came asking for shelter. Yes, the workers fitted tires that were used by three animals as a comfortable and comfortable bed. The dogs were also warm with blankets to warm up.

The help did not stop there. The workers at the terminal feed and give water to the animals, which, happy and satisfied, have not shown any signs of wanting to leave that place. Obvious.

This news was shared on social networks by a user who belongs to an animal organization in Brazil. The history of these dogs has served to raise awareness and draw attention to the vulnerable state in which the dogs that live on the street find themselves.

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