Four tons of garbage removed from Everest

Four tons of garbage removed from Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the destinations dreamed of by lovers of sports and extreme adventures. What used to be a challenge reserved only for a few has undergone a kind of democratization with the opening of special routes and tourist companies that manage the promotions of visitors.

But this opening has caused serious ecological damage due to the large amount of garbage and waste that visitors irresponsibly leave on their way to the top of Everest.

For this reason, the different governments involved have had to organize expeditions in charge of removing the waste and thus the negative impact on the environment does not continue to increase.

A group of volunteers managed to collect four tons of waste in a sector of Mount Everest that belongs to China.

The work has been carried out by volunteers and municipal workers from the autonomous region of Tibet and will last for nine days. Garbage separation centers and organic waste processing facilities have been deployed.

Thus, in the absence of awareness and responsible behavior on the part of the visitors, the authorities must continue organizing these special cleaning expeditions to remove the large amount of waste left by those who choose to ascend to the highest mountain on Earth.

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