The painting of the future: generates energy for the home

The painting of the future: generates energy for the home

Several universities in the world have already managed to advance in these technologies. The University of Michigan has already createdfully transparent solar windows. Thus being able to achieve that while the light enters the house peacefully and illuminates it, energy is being generated. On the other hand, the University of Sheffield has managed to manufacture a spray capable of transforming any type of surface into a solar panel.

“This paint contains perovkite, a mineral with the property of absorbing light. Thus achieving that the exterior surfaces of the house are transformed into energy generators ", they explain from Sergón, a painters company in Xirivella, who affirm" to be impatient for those paintings of the future, which in addition to giving us a touch of quality and distinction, we they can save a little bit on the electricity bill ”.

These painted panels obtain a conversion efficiency of 20% compared to 25% of panels formed from silicon cells. "This painting is still in developmentto achieve optimal conversion levels ”, they add from the painters headquarters in Aldaia, a company in Valencia“ very committed to the techniques and technology applied to painting ”, as they say that“ once these required levels are reached, the cost of the spray it will be less than that of the classic panels ”.

In order not to waste even a ray of sunlight, another key piece must be added, solar tiles. Without going any further, Tesla plates take the form of tiles, making them practically invisible. Made of glass they are made up of three layers:

  • A high resistance tempered glass to give it solidity on the cover.
  • A color film that current as the light falls in the form of a blind.
  • And as the last layer the photovoltaic cells.

In addition to this endless number of power generators, better insulating materials are found every day. For sureairgel, also known as icy smoke, will make a difference in the homes of the future. Because its use will generate very energy efficient homes and they will practically not need to consume energy for heating or cooling due to their qualities. In addition, electrical appliances are more energy efficient every day and the use of LEDs in lighting has already taken a big step in reducing the electricity bill in many homes.

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