The extraordinary story of the monk who lives alone on top of the Katskhi Pillar

The extraordinary story of the monk who lives alone on top of the Katskhi Pillar

A humble little house perched on top of a cliff, probably for many people it is something impossible to support, however for the monk Maxime Qavtaradze It is paradise on Earth.

The place where this "temple" is supported is the Pilar Katskhi, a 40-meter-high limestone monolith located in the small country of Georgia, deep in the Caucasus region, where Asia Western Y Europe from the east they find each other.

The history of this refuge is long and legendary. The tradition began around AD 423 when monks, to avoid the earthly pleasures of the world and to draw closer to God, wandered away to inhospitable and elevated places in order to detach themselves from everything.

However, this tradition had already been lost and from the year 1400 when the monolith was uninhabited, until Maxime Qavtaradze, a few years ago, revived this custom.

Qavtaradze lives a completely isolated existence most of the time, only coming down from the cliff twice a week to visit a nearby monastery to counsel the young people who come to her aid.

Qavtaradze explains - according to Disclose TV - that he was a very troublesome young man and had serious problems with alcohol.

In a very dark period of his life he fell into prison and it was there that he turned to Christianity and found his calling as a monk.

After his release from prison in 1993, he took monastic vows and from then on he dedicated his life to rebuilding the monastery complex, the chapel and the hermitage in the area, demonstrating that with will a person can reinvent his life and turn to good .

For many people, this kind of isolated existence is very strange and even incomprehensible, but according to Qavtaradze, he would not want to live any other way. At the peak of the cliff, the monk said that he can feel the presence of God.

For now Qavtaradze has no problem going down the cliff ladder and it takes him about 20 minutes to complete the section, however he knows there will come a time when he will be too fragile to do so.

He calmly explained that when that time comes he plans to stay in the house until his cycle on Earth is completed and he dies, just like the medieval hermits who lived there before him.This tradition also dates back to ancient China. . Monks would go up to a mountain cave with a rope to cultivate sitting in meditation for many years. When they were unsuccessful in their cultivation, they died inside the cave since the rope was cut as soon as they climbed.

They say that many of them are still there meditating, we just can't see them.

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