A beautiful community garden to adorn this WWII bunker

A beautiful community garden to adorn this WWII bunker

The inhabitants of Hamburg in Germany are developing an ingenious project that seeks to give another use to a old bunker used during WWII.

The purpose of the building was to launch anti-aircraft fire at enemy aircraft but could now be decorated in a sustainable thanks to the work of a group of residents and architects of this German city.

The idea is that the property becomes a community space with a huge public roof garden and a path for people to walk through.

The proposal includes the construction of an artificial hill to give visitors a spectacular view of Hamburg. The garden will also use self-sustaining techniques, as collection of gray water for irrigation. Meanwhile, part of the space will be used for urban food production so that residents can benefit.

This project, which also includes a community center, a kindergarten and a hotel, has already been approved and is awaiting construction soon. What do you think of this idea? We leave you more images to learn about this innovative project.

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