Stakeholders harvest “giant vegetables” in Punta del Agua

Stakeholders harvest “giant vegetables” in Punta del Agua

Within this framework, in the always difficult land of Punta del Agua, there are also stallholders who dare to develop their farms despite the difficulties of the climate, the land and even irrigation.

Oscar González, is a small producer of the so-called “family agriculture” and lives with his wife and three children in a position located 30 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Punta del Agua. He is dedicated to raising goats and also has a small farm where he works with squash, corn, tomato, beet, sweet potatoes and chard.

Oscar produces for his family and also for other stalls up to 40 kilometers around. With love and dedication he carries out this endeavor.

It is about three hectares in which he cultivates, and he is looking for help to get some machines that allow him to clear and prepare more land to continue working.

His idea is to expand and supply more families with healthy and organic vegetables, since everything is produced without agrochemicals.

"I put passion and love to work the land, which is something that I learned from my parents and I teach my children," he explains.

Proud of his work, he shows the giant vegetables that he managed to harvest in Punta del Agua. Is that Oscar and his family harvested beets that weighed 1.3 kilos and others of 900 and 600 grams. While he was also able to achieve sweet potatoes of more than half a kilo.

The vegetables were presented at a meeting of the "goat table" where several were those who came looking to take some of Don Oscar's vegetables home.

Undoubtedly it is an example of work and dedication and a sample of what family farming means, with fresh and healthy food.

San Rafael newspaper

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