Environmental Summit: "Energetic rejection" of mega-mining and the nuclear plant

Environmental Summit:

Within the framework of the massive meeting, held at the facilities of the "José Hernández" Cultural Center, said manifesto was accompanied with his signature by the mayors of the Chubut towns (with the exception of Carlo Linares, from Comodoro Rivadavia); trade unions, environmental, neighborhood, intermediate and citizen associations and entities, as well as representatives of business and tourism chambers, national and provincial legislators.

The main table, located on stage, was occupied by Governor Das Neves, Deputy Governor Mariano Arcioni, Minister Coordinator of the Cabinet, Alberto Gilardino, and Minister of Environment and Control of Sustainable Development, Ignacio Agulleiro, in addition to Bishop Lahoz.

The Manifesto of Opposition to the installation of a nuclear power plant in Patagonia was finally signed by Governor Das Neves and Bishop Lahoz.

In the framework of the environmental summit, the agreement of Pomotores Ambientales Regionales and the agreement for the rational use of fresh water were also signed with the municipalities, while Das Neves also signed the decree that regulates the use of fresh water in the oil and gas industry. the bill for the Responsible Use of Water, which will be submitted to the provincial Legislature for treatment.

Das Neves also announced that, after carrying out the corresponding evaluations, before the end of the year the popular initiative will be submitted to the Provincial Parliament, which was supported with their signatures by 13,000 people from Chubut and promotes the prohibition of mega-mining in Chubut.


During the event, Minister Agulleiro, Bishop Lahoz and Governor Das Neves spoke. The president, echoing an Encyclical of Pope Francis, valued that "certain issues, such as the environment, are a unified position of the whole, beyond the political parties to which we each belong."

Das Neves reiterated that the proposed objective is to build a Chubut without mega-mining and once again rejected the possible installation of a nuclear power plant in Río Negro, while denouncing that it "is accompanied by suitcases, as well as the pro miners are paid." .

The provincial leader defined Agulleiro as "a great Minister of the Environment" and urged to define "the identity of our province, which was marked by the presence of Aboriginal and Welsh people, received all the migratory currents that came to work, and identified with tourism, fishing and oil activities, caring for the environment and production ”.


“Welcome to those who want to invest but we are going to discuss what they want to invest in. Those who want to invest in clean, renewable energy are welcome ”, said Das Neves, who also stated that“ water is gold, it is life ”.

Das Neves valued the international recognition that "the Patagonia brand" has and emphasized that from Chubut "we are strictly opposed, without any type of concession" to the installation of a nuclear power plant in Patagonia.

He highlighted the importance of such a decision, especially due to the proximity of the possible place of establishment with the nuclear power plant with Península Valdés, which is a World Heritage Site, because in addition "it would mark a very large mark in our Patagonia brand."

The provincial leader questioned certain attitudes of the national government and criticized that "they make decisions with an excel spreadsheet and it is seen that Peninsula Valdés did not appear on that spreadsheet," also warning that "many times we find out about the things they do from the newspapers.


"In Chubut we say no to mega-mining and no to the nuclear plant in Patagonia," said Das Neves, who also reiterated that companies in the mining sector in Argentina are "those that have produced the most unemployment in the first half of the year, and those that received the most benefits from the national government ”.

Das Neves remarked that "the mining companies in Argentina are an absolute failure" and in this context he mentioned that this conclusion was reached "after studying all the investments made by the mining companies in our country."

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