Three South American companies among the most polluting in the world

Three South American companies among the most polluting in the world

The 100 companies that emit the most greenhouse gases represent 25% of total annual emissions.

CoalIndia was the largest emitter, with more than 2 gigatons of CO2 emitted (includes value chain), followed by Gazprom and ExxonMobil, the three main suppliers of fossil fuels, respectively, coal, natural gas and oil.

With regard to South America, the Brazilian Petroleo Brasileiro SA- Petrobras (position 10), Vale S.A, figure in the ranking. (position 31) and the Colombian company Ecopetrol SA (position 84).

The study urges the main GHG emitters to reconvert, reduce emissions and increase profits. If they succeed, they would join the group of companies such as Enel, NRG and Xcel Energy, who are executing strategies to diversify and decarbonize their business models.

"The role of these companies in the fight against climate change is so fundamental that the Paris Agreement, unlike Copenhagen, Kyoto and other meetings of the COP, clearly explains that the private sector, in association with the different countries that signed The agreement will be the necessary impetus to begin limiting global warming to below 2 ° C, says the Thomson Reuters Sustainability department.

The top 30 GHG emitters in the world:

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16 of the 17 hottest years on record in the world have occurred since 2000

There is a 1 in 27 million chance that the sequence of the world's hottest years since 2000 will occur naturally

1.48 C is the global mean change in temperature since the beginning of the industry

2016: third hottest consecutive year on record since 1880

2015: second hottest consecutive year on record since 1880

2014: the hottest year on record since 1880

410 ppm: atmospheric CO 2 could reach an unprecedented level in 2017

22 to 44 cm: projection on sea level rise in 2100

1 trillion tonnes: cumulative ice loss in Greenland between 2011 and 2014

12% per decade: rate of ice decline in the Arctic

2%: recommendation for annual GHG emission reduction, according to the scientific community


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