Mobile recycling avoids the emission of 60,000 tons of CO2 per year

Mobile recycling avoids the emission of 60,000 tons of CO2 per year

By David Martinez Pradale


The mobile recycling market has increased by 25% in the last three years and Spaniards already reuse more than two million devices, which represents 10% of all smartphones used in our country, according to the latest figures published by the consulting firms Gartner and Deloitte. For its part, Back Market estimates that reusing each device avoids an average emission of 30 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere and saves about 12 liters of clean water.

It should not be forgotten that a mobile phone has up to 40 toxic materials, according to a study by the University of Surrey, among which elements such as arsenic, antimony, beryllium, lead, nickel and zinc, or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury, etc.

According to experts, pollutants from a single 'smartphone' battery could contaminate 600,000 liters of water, which, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), is equivalent to the domestic water consumption of all Spanish households for one day. These data make mobile recycling even more urgent.


A mobile can work perfectly for at least seven years although consumers usually change it before three. That is why, according to Orange, in Spain there are approximately 3 million mobile phones thrown away or forgotten in a drawer. On the website We are responsible for this company, they explain that the materials with which they are manufactured are very scarce and, in a mobile phone, they are 100 times more concentrated than in the environment. Thus, mobile phones are like “urban mines”, that is why it is important to recycle them. In addition, this mobile recycling activity creates employment. Orange estimates that every time we collect 12,000 cell phones, a job is created for an unemployed person.


As we already published in nobbot, all we have to do is take our old smartphone to the container of an Orange store so that its components can become a new raw material. Sometimes, if the smartphone is in good condition, it is resold at a cheaper price to give you a second and efficient new life.

For Orange, these types of initiatives - in which it has the collaboration of Recyclia / Tragamóvil - are fundamental because, as they themselves explain, the materials with which mobile phones are made are very scarce in our natural environment and that makes we should worry more if possible about how we should face the use of these devices so that they do not mean a degradation in the landscape.


“Los Reciclators” is another Orange initiative that aims to raise awareness, in the school environment, about caring for the planet, through the collection and recycling of mobile phones and other technological devices. The contest is intended for teachers and students from 3rd to 6th grade of Primary Education. By participating in Los Reciclators, in addition to being able to collect terminals in the classroom, with the help of their teacher, students learn interesting aspects of recycling: how to recover materials and care for the environment, promoting employment in recycling plants. , etc.

According to Rocío Miranda de Larra, director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of Orange Spain, “With this type of activity we intend to publicize other aspects of technology, in this case, associated with the proper use of devices, trying to encourage responsible behavior through the recycling of mobile devices”.


‘TeloReciclo’ is also an initiative promoted by Orange to recycle those old mobile phones that we have forgotten in the drawer in a very simple way. It is a program that promotes the recycling of mobile phones and, at the same time, encourages the employment of people with intellectual disabilities. Specifically, this activity estimates that for every 12,000 mobile phones collected, a job is created for an unemployed person. In addition, TeloReciclo aims to facilitate the most social purpose of the millions of telephones and mobile devices that are stored in homes through a very simple slogan: "Do you have an old mobile? I TeloReciclo ”.

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