Inexplicable noises in two Argentine cities: apocalyptic trumpets?

Inexplicable noises in two Argentine cities: apocalyptic trumpets?

Inhabitants of the cities Cipolleti and Neuquén woke up with anticipation and startled at dawn this Saturday due to a loud noise that was heard in the middle of the night.

The unusual noise, as if it were "a trumpet", similar to the cry of an elephant, arose from some imprecise place between 10 at night and 2 in the morning, according to several witnesses in the networks, and was heard by residents from the two nearby cities and towns.

The unusual sounds, which looked like amplified howls, also reported by local newspapers, alarmed the residents who were resting as in any night.

Some went outside in alarm to find out what it was about, while the screams continued amid the barking of dogs, others recorded on their cell phones the sounds that were also heard nearby.

Almost immediately, the impressions, recordings and comments of those who heard these strange nocturnal noises began to circulate through the networks and news media and when they posted them on the web they quickly became viral.

Some have commented that it is the sounds of the trumpets of the apocalypse, and that they are related to the images and sounds recorded in other parts of the world.

The reader of a local newspaper said that the noises heard "are the howls of mother earth," which cries out for man to stop his planetary predation.

Another reader commented that the noises were possibly produced because "they already started with dead cow fracking", and another that it was kraken.

They also related and distinguished these loud noises from those heard in 2016 that seemed like detonations caused by a local mining company but an astronomer from the Neuquén Observatory tried to explain it with the fall of a meteorite.

Some commented in several videos that it was not the sound of a truck but "The Hum phenomenon" that has been heard for years in the sky.

For his part, reader Marvin Sutton wrote that according to the NOAA description “its frequency rises rapidly for approximately one minute and was of a sufficient amplitude to be detected by multiple sensors, at a distance of more than 5,000 kilometers. "

That NOAA's Dr. Christopher Fox "did not believe that its origin was artificial (such as a submarine or a bomb), nor geological events (volcanoes or earthquakes)."

He also commented that although "the audio profile of the Bloop resembles that of a living creature", it is not known where it originated: "the source of the sound is a mystery, both because it was different from known sounds and because it was several times more stronger than the strongest animal on record, the blue whale ”.

Strange similar noises were reported and recorded also in Argentina, in Salta in 2015, as in other dates and places in the world, and their origin remains a mystery.

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