A walk on Mars? This video will take you

A walk on Mars? This video will take you

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After compiling different images of Mars taken by the North American agency Nasa and the European Esa, a professional created a video in which you can enjoy the desert beauty of the red planet, in all its splendor. Graphic designer Kamil Bubela was the architect of the video, which did not have any collaboration from NASA, but what the professional did was take the images from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) as a reference. As well as using photographs of the ESA (European Space Agency) Mars Express mission. In the video you can see gigantic craters, dunes and desert mountain ranges, among other geographical features that are highlighted with a technique called "false color", the Which, as explained by NASA, serves to highlight the different textures and materials to make them more visible to the human eye.In just 3 minutes you can enjoy this interesting tour of the red planet.

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