The self-sustaining house, and designed to withstand natural disasters

The self-sustaining house, and designed to withstand natural disasters

The pyramids were always surrounded by mystery, from the cryptic messages on their walls to the treasures that ancient civilizations hid within them, but for the civil engineer Darío Martín they represent something else: solidity. After watching in astonishment the consequences of the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 from his home in Neuquén more than 4,400 kilometers away, he decided to do something about it. It was then that he built Piramid-all, an anti-seismic and self-powered house with renewable energy that, according to him, can be built in just four months.

"It is the most stable figure that exists in the universe" describes Martín, born from Mendoza but from Neuquén by adoption. Although the main motivation of the entrepreneur was to make the property resistant to a tragedy such as the Haitian, the recent approval by the Senate of the Law for Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy changed his plans. "Seeing the boom that this government gave to renewable energy, I decided to add the solar panels and the wind turbine to make it a complete combo," he explains.

He finally fulfilled his dream andthe House of the futureAs he calls it, it is already designed and available to anyone who decides to start marketing.

What is the house of the future like?

Thehouse has a pyramid shape to provide more stability against possible earthquakes.

Constructions that have a great height suffer much more from the consequences of a possible seismic event, so with this design, damage to both the construction and those who inhabit it would be significantly reduced.

The pyramid is only thought in two sizes:

  • 115 m2 with a base of 9 x 9 meters
  • 175 m2 with a base of 11 x 11 meters

The upper floor of the house functions as a bedroom, with an en suite bathroom, it could also have a small office in the larger model; the vertices that remain at the ends could be used as storage cabinets, libraries or cupboards and the top of the pyramid would be used to place the water tank.

The structure is metallic and stands on a concrete platform equal to that of any other type of house. The exterior is sheet metal; and the interior has insulation material and plasterboard.

Renewable energy

The house can be self-supplied and does not harm the environment: it has solar panels located on 1, 2 or 3 faces of the pyramid, a wind turbine on the top of the roof, a solar tank thermos to heat the water for domestic use and heat the house with radiators or underfloor heating.

The engineer estimates that the construction of the house would not take more than 60 days.


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