Soy even in the soup

Soy even in the soup

When the 20th harvest of transgenic soy is taking place in the Southern Cone, the GRAIN organization provides 20 reasons to demand its ban: Because it is a criminal. Because it is monotonous. Because it is a coup. Because he wears uniform. Because it is a dictatorship. Because it monopolizes. Because empty. Because sick. Because it kills. Because it ends. Because it is not to be trusted.

Because he is a criminal. Its cultivation was authorized by an organization, the National Advisory Commission for Agricultural Biotechnology, based on a file of 136 pages, of which 108 were contributions from Monsanto, the company that created this new seed.

Because it is monotonous. With an army of tractors, the invasion of soybeans meant the birth of a new Republic. The United Republic of Soy with more than 54 million hectares, distributed between Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil, where only soy is grown; where there is no room for more life.

Because it is a coup. Monsanto and other corporations in the soy sector such as Syngenta and Cargill rule this Republic without interruption.

Because he wears a uniform. And, caressing their magic rings, they dictate laws. ? Whoever controls the Single Seed will profit from its sales and its use, even in cases where the producer saves seeds for the following years.

Because it is a dictatorship. The top corporations also have the support of the media that oppose freedom of expression and any debate on the impacts of the model.

Because it monopolizes. With the imposed implantation of soy monoculture, day by day the concentration of land in few hands increased.

Because empty. And it forced the dispossession and exodus of hundreds of thousands of peasant women and men who left behind their ability to produce food for the local population.

Because sick. The mutant superpower with which this science fiction seed is born is immortality in the face of a poison invented by Monsanto himself, glyphosate. Its use has not stopped growing and, like persistent rain, more than 550 million liters of this herbicide, classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization, fall on these lands every year.

Because it kills. Because by sowing these crops, “fumigated towns” sprang up where the increase in the use of poisons in general, and glyphosate in particular, is the cause of many various diseases. And from the disease of death.

Because it ends. And those who have been opposing the advance of this river of inanimate lava, have been persecuted and killed.

Because it is not to be trusted. The safety of transgenic soybeans in food, with its glyphosate as a dressing, has never been proven.

Because it is carnivorous. Although soy does not eat meat, its massive production is decisive for the expansion of industrial livestock and the production of cheap meat throughout the Planet, with all its serious environmental, health, climate and health impacts at a global level. More factory farming, more the disappearance of small sustainable farms oriented to local economies.

Because it makes you fat. Soy, along with palm oil and sugar, are the star raw materials in processed foods. You don't eat fresh, you don't eat green, you don't eat healthy.

Because it is desert. The expansion of soybean cultivation, ax after ax, has wiped out millions of hectares of native forest throughout the Southern Cone.

Because it substitutes. As soybeans advance, livestock is shifted towards other much more fragile ecosystems, sometimes territories of native peoples, with very serious consequences on them.

Because it sterilizes. This agriculture, without a scalpel, opens the land in a canal to strip it of its nutrients; and she can never give birth again.

Because suffocation. Finally, the entire soy chain - its cultivation, its transport, its use - has an enormous impact on increasing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Because it is mediocre. The technology of this transgenic crop has failed from the agronomic point of view with the emergence of weeds resistant to glyphosate, forcing an increase in its use and that of other herbicides.

Because it simplifies. In fact, the technology of transgenesis is a betrayal of the complexity of genomic systems.

Because it cheats. And if its supposed benefit was higher productivity, it is highly proven that transgenic soybean crops do not produce more than conventional soybean crops.

By Gustavo Duch *
* Magazine Food Sovereignty. Author of Let's Not Swallow

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