The trace of the fire in Portugal, visible from space

The trace of the fire in Portugal, visible from space

ESA's Proba-V minisatellite has captured the fire raging in central Portugal, showing blackened markings and plumes of smoke, as well as identifying active fire points.

In the center of the main image is the Zêzere river dam, with burned areas and active fires to the north, which have devastated more than 30,000 hectares of forest. The village of Nodeirinho - where the majority of the 64 recorded deaths have occurred - is among the marks.
The image, showing details as small as 100 meters, was captured Tuesday by Proba-V. This one cubic meter satellite, which covers the entire surface of the Earth every other day, is one of ESA's smallest Earth observation missions.

Proba-V has a field of view 2,250 kilometers wide with a total resolution of 300 meters, reaching 100 meters at its center, reports ESA.

The satellite contributes to the European Copernicus global monitoring program, which provides data and images to authorities free of charge.


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