The lamp that creates a self-sufficient ecosystem

The lamp that creates a self-sufficient ecosystem

Thelight and lighting have always been life andplants They are playing an increasingly important role in our urban environment or home. The power to create aself-sufficient ecosystem where the hand of man is not necessary implies many advantages. This is the idea with which they have designed alamp growing plantsin the absence of light and that at the same time gives off adesign Elegant.

The termecosphere also called theclosed ecological systems (Dryliving ecosystems They are nothing new, yes in a lamp with the characteristics that we are going to present, but in reality its origin must be traced to a NASA investigation that was based on a complete and independent miniature "planet" integrated into a crystal ball . Aecosphere Initially it was a learning factor that gives us interesting information about life on a small scale and that, later, the system has been commercialized so that we can all have one at home with different variants among them theecospheres for plants.

The We Love Eames studio has designed the original lamp Mygdal Plantlamp. Thanks to the fact that the lighting mimics the sunlight, the plants can carry out the photosynthesis, that is to say,create an ecosystem completelyself-sufficient where it just doesn't require us to take care of it. Is theperfect flowerpot because theplants They can grow at rest for years without having to water them and can develop in places where there is zero sunlight.

Besides, thefloor lamp provides a new type of electrically conductive glass coating (patent applied for), which is capable of transmitting invisible electricity along the surface.There is no longer a wired connection between the power supply and the Led lighting. This technical innovation opens up totally new opportunities in the design of lamps as well as future applications in the cultivation of different vegetation. (See also the IKEA hydroponic garden)

We leave a series of images of how the lamp is created.

How an ecosphere works

It must be emphasized thatecospheres Traditional are composed of a filtered seawater substrate where red shrimp live, as well as active microorganisms and algae. Since it is an independent ecosystem, no external food input is required, it simply must be given a supply of indirect natural or artificial light that allows the biological cycle to be sustained.

Thecharacteristics of an ecosphere We can see them in the following scheme:

The average life expectancy of the ecospheres is 2 to 5 years, although there have been certain cases of shrimp that have reached ten years in their ecosphere.

Closed plant ecosystems

It is less common to be able to make an ecosphere for plants, in most cases users performhome ecosystems. The principle is the same that we have seen in the lamp and it must be said that in some cases they last a long time ... How long does a plant resist without being watered? Well, the reality is that the record is 52 years old (Here, more information)

So for the laziest we no longer have an excuse to have someplants at homewho have theirself-sufficient ecosystem. Also from the article how plants give lighting increases the possibility that we should have plants in our home.


Video: 5 Parts of an Ecosystem Pond. Volunteer Gardener (August 2021).