A green bridge so that animals can cross the road safely

A green bridge so that animals can cross the road safely

Humans have taken ground away from animals. We have appropriated their habitat and pushed them to other places, forcing them to learn to live alongside our cities, cars, buildings and other constructions.

They are at serious risk and we must worry about their welfare, more than evil we are responsible for many species being in extinction. There are initiatives that seek to protect the fauna of the planet. In South Korea, for example, a group of designers has proposed a green bridge to help animals cross a road near Seoul.

The bridge will link two mountains and pass over a busy highway. It includes double lanes for the passage of people and animals and will be adorned with vegetation typical of the region so that it can merge gently with nature.

But its design will also be self-sustaining. The “eco-bridge” will be able to collect water to supply the different plants and trees, and it will also be built at an optimal height for vehicles to keep animals and vegetation away from contamination.

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Video: Rope bridge at Mandai installed to help animals cross road safely (June 2021).