Spain's largest egg producer will eliminate cages for its hens

Spain's largest egg producer will eliminate cages for its hens

As reported by the company in a statement, this represents a "firm commitment" by the company "to the progressive abandonment of the sale of eggs from cages, thus becoming the first egg producer in Spain to achieve this commitment". Huevos Guillén, leader in the sector ofegg production in Spain, began this conversion project years ago, to respond both to the "growing social sensitivity in relation to animal welfare", and to meet consumer demands fororganic, free-range and ground eggs.

Within your investment plan,Huevos Guillén will have transformed 20% of its total layer park into alternative systems at the beginning of 2018, with an investment of a total of 60 million euros until 2025 in the installation of new sheds for free-range, free-range and organic chickens. The company has some5,000,000 birds.

TheAnimal Equality association He noted that to date more than 400 companies worldwide have committed to eliminating the cages by 2025. Javier Moreno, co-founder and international director of Animal Equality, highlighted thatthe practice of caging chickens "is terrible". "Studies show that birds are sociable and sensitive beings, yet they are forced to live in wire cages, without the possibility of ever seeing sunlight or feeling the grass under their feet," he added.

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