Build your own homemade solar still with recycled materials

Build your own homemade solar still with recycled materials

The first thing you will need is to acquire mirrors of approximately half a square meter with which to create the reflector. Join three of them with industrial adhesive tape, so that they form three faces of a cube. To fix the pieces, apply silicone to the joints.

As you can see in the image, it is recommended that the mirrors rest on a firmer structure to guarantee safety during the transport of the equipment. You can choose cardboard or wood. In the latter case, apply a good coat of varnish to protect it from inclement weather.

The distillate container will consist of several pieces. The external one will be a bottle that serves as an insulator and that can be made of glass or PET plastic. A glass bottle will be placed inside. Do not forget to make a hole of about two and a half centimeters in the lid of the jar that matches the head of the bottle.

With another 0'33 liter bottle of any kind, which will serve as a collecting container; a couple of plugs with holes and about 40 centimeters of copper pipe that you will have to bend in a U shape, you have everything you need to shape the container, as you can see in the image.

When putting your equipment to work, remember not to overfill the inner container since, if you do, there will be no room for the mixture to expand. If you are going to distill ethanol, you need to add a pinch of gasoline or alcohol.

When the alcohol begins to boil, most of the ethanol will have passed into the collecting container. The lower the ethanol content, the higher the boiling point. As the system works, the alcohol boils less easily.

The nice thing about this home design is that the mirrored structure doesn't produce the energy needed to distill water. Therefore, when the alcohol evaporates, it stops working automatically.

With this, you can now put your solar alembic into operation, which, once oriented a little south of the place where the sun sets, will not need you to pay more attention to it. On the other hand, keep in mind that once the process is finished, you can take advantage of the excess mass and throw it into a compost bin or into your own plants.

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